AX Retail Store Connect Error:12296


I have installed AX Retail R2 (version 1087) and am having trouble getting the HQ Store Connect to work properly.

In the Retail Scheduler > Distribution Locations I have the HQ location number ‘0000’ but in the General tab the Connection Profile Type for this is called ‘Custom’ and not ‘Database’ like all the other stores. When the Functions > Test connection is tried I get the error “12296: An error occured connecting to a database”.

The HQ store ‘0000’ does not show up in the Retail Scheduler > Setup> Store Integration > Database Profiles form and if I try to add it I get the error “this record already exists”.

Does anyone know what I need to do to correct this issue?

Thanks, Hank

It looks like I have solved my connection problem and wanted to post an update.
If anyone is interested here is what I did:

I checked the troubleshooting steps in the AX Retail Deployment and Installation guide one more time and, as suggested, I went to SSMS to confirm the AXRETAILMSG database login properties. I had done that before but this time I noticed that there was an extra user selected in the AXRETAILMSG role membership - “db_scexecutor”. Once I unchecked this role the HQ Store Connect started to work and N-Jobs can now be pushed to the store terminals. Whew!

I am am not sure why the ‘0000’ connection profile type is called ‘Custom’ and would appreciate it if anyone could clarify this for me.

Thanks, Hank