AX Retail R2 - Items physically reserved by posted statement

We have just upgraded to AX 2009 R2 and are facing an issue after posting statements.

Once the stores are polled and statements calculated and posted we would expect that the items within the statement would not be still be held in a ‘Reserved Physical’ status. However, we found that this is the case with all the statements that have been posted since moving to R2.

Can anyone point us in the right direction to solve this issue?

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We are having a similar problem.

Any solution yet?

No, not yet. Interestingly, we do not have this issue in the test environment that we initially used to try out the R2 upgrade.

We are currently reviewing a SQL trace that we ran during posting in the live and test environments to see if we can find out what is causing a different reaction between the two.

Hi, Please post if you get the solution for it. Regards, Kuppusamy S

Our MS partner help us solve this issue.

Evidenly, when we upgraded to RU8 + R2, the default storage location for the store warehouses was removed. Once we added that location back (Inventory Management > Setup > Inventory Breakdown > Warehouses > Retail Tab > Storage Dimensions - Default location = xxxx) statements no longer hold an item in a physically reserved status.

Hi guys,

I am facing the same issue. I guess u ppl could have resolved it by now.

Please guide me to a possible solution