AX Retail Installation

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I have installed SQL Database and AOS on one computer and installed AX Retail Headquarters and retail store connect on same computer. Later i have compiled and synchronised the database also and restarted the AOS service, but still i couldn’t the see the retail modules on AX navigation bar.

Can any one help me what could be the issue.

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Re-import the AX for Retail License.

Hi Sandeep,

Thanks for ur reply

It wont work on the demo license…coz am using Demo License

Pls let me know.


It should work if you are talking about the demo license u receive with AX for Retail release by Microsoft.

If its ur normal Dynamics AX license, then it will not work.


Import the license file and then implement the checklist initialization. It will work.


load license file and initialize checklist. It will work for sure

Hi Friends

Can u Pls help me out in Installation of Retail on AX 2009.I hv Installed AX 2009.pls Guide me in Installing Retail and if there is any Documentation pls provide me .

Thanks in Advance

Hi Satya,

I install ax 2009 in my pc. Now i want to install Retail on ax 2009. So, can you please help me by providing any installation documents of Retail in Ax 2009.

Thank you in advance.


Hi Satya,

I have same problem.please tell me how it solved