AX Retail Infocode subcode item - linked infocode failing

We are trying to create an infocode that links a text pop-up with a subcode item number.
Here is the scenario:

  1. Created an infocode “Warranty Plan” with a subcode input type of “Subcode buttons”.
  2. Two subcode buttons are added.
  3. Subcode number = 1 / Description = Yes / Trigger funtion = Item / Trigger code = XXXXXXXX (Warranty SKU number).
  4. Subcode number = 2 / Description = No.
  5. On the Warranty Infocode general tab we have a ‘Linked infocode’ to a Text entry type infocode.

We have noticed that the results are correct when the Warranty SKU used for the subcode trigger has an ‘Item type’ of “Item”. But when the Warranty SKU ‘Item type’ is “Service” the linked ‘Text’ infocode will not appear on the POS screen.
We have also tried to add the text entry infocode directly to the Warranty SKU: Item > Setup > Infocodes form. If the SKU item is a “Service” item type the infocode will not work - If the SKU item is a “BOM” or “Item” item type the infocode will work at the POS.

Does anyone know why an “Item” type SKU behaves differently than a “Service” type SKU as related to infocodes? If so, is there a way to make them behave the same?

Any help or ideas would be appreciated,