AX Reports

hi all,

some of the reports that i see under the AOT tree (AOT > Menus) don’t show in the main menu when i have Axapta open up. when i click to try to open them under the AOT menu then i get the error of "Insufficient access rights ", but i am the Axapata Admin. Most of these that i am unable to open with are in a subfolder under AOT > Menus folder, and the whole subfolder does not show including the reports as well. But If i go to the Menus Items under AOT, find that Menu Item that links to the report and open it then it will open or i can open it under AOT > Reports.

does anyone know why doesnt it show and how do i get it to work? Thank you for your help.

What reports are they?

Are they localised reports? Are they reports where you have removed the configuration settings? What license do you have?

Basically you are told you do not have rights, there can be many reasons, being admin does not mean you alays see everything depending upon the setup.

For example, under AOT > Account Receivable > Reports and i see a subfolder name: Bill of exchange and it has 4 reports in it which does not show in AX menu when AX is open.

Yes, i believe they are localized reports. i have never made any changes on it. we have license for AX 4.0. Let me know what you think what is wrong here. Thanks.

Apologies I am not a developer, but the bill of exchange is a processing document, therefore it will not necessarily be under the reports menu. However if I look at my version I can see the four reports in the AR section. This would lead me to believe that this is a configuration setup - have you all of the country/region configurations selected?

ah, its ok AdamRoue. i’ve got it. i got it working. Thanks

Could you let the other users know what it was so someone with a similar issue will also have your answer when they search the forum.

it was just the Menu Items type. Most of them were output type. i changed them to as Display and work just fine.