AX R3 Retail POS error when user tries to log in


One of my user receives this error when she logs in to POS:

Violation of primary key constraint… cannot insert duplicate key in ax.retailtransactiontable. The duplicate key value is…The statement has been terminated.

Have you guys encounter this before and were able to solve?

Thanks in advance to those who’d help!


Please check the relation in ‘retailtransactiontable’. The combination defined in that relation might be the reason.

They’re chaing the terminal id and server/database for one user when they encounter this error. User was previously connected to another store.

Check RetailTransactinTable and check for record related to store + terminal which is being use for login.

This table cache current transaction based on store + termial.

If you do not required last transaction to be process , you can delete corresponding record from RetailTransactinTable and start your POS.