Ax Questions?

  1. why arrays do not start with 0 index.

  2. why overriding is not implemented.

  3. why multi dimensinal arrays implementation is not possible?

more later.

This is my take on your questions…I hope I’m right.

1.) That’s how it is. Not sure the technical reason behind it.

2.) Dynamics AX uses polymorphism and doesn’t support overriding.

3.) Not sure why they’re not available, but you can work around this by making an array of containers or using the array collection class.

thanks alex.

interesting thing , use of final key word instead of sealed . final used to seal the class or method , so that it cannot be extended.

i was going through the core concepts , interesting thing is .net classes have been implemented as selaed so developers cannot extend the class and change the core functionality.

for example string.