AX Production - Job registration 'Indirect Activities'

Hi Guys!

The question is related to AX2009 (Screenshot 2) Shop floor control module but I will also use the Manufacturing execution system in AX2012 (Screenshot 1) to illustrate.

When a worker registers his job for the day and the manager goes to approve it, he notices that for some of the journal registrations, ‘indirect activity’ is showing for some of the lines as opposed to the actual process and also the description of ‘SYSTEM WAITING’ shows alongside them – see screenshot 2.

The customer has also reported that the times for these ‘indirect activities’ are not showing on the operations in the production journals.

I am sure there is probably a simple explanation for this, but I have exhausted all resources and cannot find relevant information relating to this.

Could you help me understand why these ‘indirect activities’ are showing on the registration lines and where on the system I can configure this please?

I look forward to your feedback.[:D]

What does the time profile the user is assigned to look like?

Hi Jake, please find the time profile below: