AX Product Lifecycle Management

I’m looking in to product lifecycle management in AX 2012. We would like to develop a status and add it to the InventTable for released products. This status would have a couple of values, perhaps Prototype, Released/Active, and Obsolete.

This will allow us to truly provide a life cycle for products-> prototype to Released, Released to Obsolete.

We would like this status to determine whether or not the product is shown in ItemID drop downs systemically. Thus, if an item is not Released, then it cannot be added to a PO line, pick list, bom, formula, Production order, etc.

Imagine a company like TigerDirect or any other that provides OEM. They potentially could have millions of new products released to a legal entity each year, and then need to obsolete them when they are no longer used. We wouldn’t want millions of items coming up as viable options for Purchasing staff or production staff!

Anyone else looking to do something similar?


There are already MDIS solutions that do this.

This is one I have worked with in AX2009, but I am sure there are others:

Hi, you may want to look at Sable Systems PLM. Cheers, James