AX Planning, Action Messages

I have quantity on hand for item x 0. i have created a sales order of same item of qty 2 and minimum inventory level for this item is 5. Now i run master planning and got one production order consolidated with qty 7. Now i have deleted the sales order. Now again i ran planning with selection of net change minimized(tried only net change as well) . Now in production order inquiry when i check the action msg then it says qty required 5 and under action qty it says -2 . Now do i need to change manually the qty to 5 on prod order or by running which batch job or will it change it automatically , might be missing something.

It is a suggestion, as the order is not planned I am pretty sure the change is manual - there are so many reasons you would not want this as a batch job depending upon teh process - although you need 5, the system does not know if the process physically allows you to stop 2.

Thanx, I just wanted to confirm this from a long time.