AX Periods - Close Period


in test envoronment By Mistake i changed the status for a period to CLOSED i tried to change it back to Open I couldnt , Because AX prevent this

I tried to update the LedgerPeriod table in Database as follows


LedgerPeriod set periodstatus=1 where …

the statement successfully executed and i see the desired record is updated

BUT in AX when i open the Period form the priod status is still CLOSED !! although the periodstatus field = 1 “Open”

, Could you please explain what is this means?


it is not possible to change periods, because a closed period cannot be opened in default.

try to use job or sql statement to update period.

for example in SQL Server 2008 :



run this job

static void updatePeriod(Args _args)


LedgerPeriod ledgerPeriod = ledgerperiod::find(mkdate(01,08,2006),PeriodCode::Regular);////the date is the period starting date




ledgerPeriod.PeriodStatus = ledgerPeriodStatus::Open;




When you try to change the period status to Closed - the system inform you that you are trying to close it and no entries can be passed in the closed period. which informs and avoids doing it by mistake.

Don’t try to do the same mistake - because there are some validations build in the system.(you cannot change the period status when it is closed). You can change it to stopped if you want to restrict some one post in that period.

And finally i will suggest not to do the changes directly in SQL database because the validation and business logic will not be applied or done by the system.


I have heard of back end change to open previously closed period. Whichever option you choose, make sure it is tried/tested in testing environment.

Also afterwards remember to run ‘recalculate period balances’ ( under GL → Periodic) before you do any reporting. This job will delete underlying transaction tables and then rebuild the data. Depending on the volume of data, for obvious reasons this might take a while.

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Dear Allsites.

Same happen with me, what i did i create new fiscal calender and that calender i attached with ledger.

i went in fiscal calender and delete fiscal year and again create the same.

again i open ledger and attached the same ledger calender which was attached.

in my case i deleted all the transaction as it was test but in your case you just try or else contact me on skype.