Ax Performace

Hi All, My client Ax system performance is very slow. Please suggest me what to do and how to increase the performace. Thanks

There may be an infinite number of reasons for that. You have to collect more information about the problem - e.g. whether it’s caused by client, AOS or DB, whether the bottleneck is RAM, processor, network, disk system and so on.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the reply. I just started collecting some information and found some intersting points.

Martin, could u please tell me what is the use of Data base logging? I read about it but can not understand what exactly is the use.


The “Database log” feature in AX is used for logging changes in data, e.g. when a record is created or a field changed. Nevertheless there are many types of logging related to databases, e.g. diagnostic or transaction logs.


I would start from here - and move to here -

Additionally there are articles on performance tuning EP, role centers etc including this one -