Ax Model problem

Dear All,

I have created a project.This project (Project name: “project1”) is related to model name "LucidPharma". Now all my objects in the project are related to ‘LucidPharma’ model.

Now i have exported this project and imported in to client system.Now it is showing USR Model.

My model name “LucidPharma” is not displayed to no objects. Why this is not displayed.


Is AX configured to show models in AOT (Tools > Options > (tab) Development > (fast tab) Application object tree > (field) Application object model)?


Thanks for ur reply.

The mentioned Application object model is already set to “On all Elements”.

My problem is, i developed some classes in a model. My model name is “LucidPharma”. (Project name: Project1)

I exported my project and imported in client system. The customized class is imported as “USR Model”. (But i developed it through other model named: LucidPharma).

(LucidPharma is also created in ClientSystem recently)

I hope u understand.


You imported objects via .xpo, you didn’t install the model, right? XPOs knows nothing about models, so imported objects uses the active model, which was obviously USR Model in your case.

The better way is to use .axmodel files (by Export-AXModel and Install-AXModel Powershell cmdlets or corresponding parameters of axutil).