AX Installation on Local Machine

Dear All,

I had installed AX on server sucessfully…but while trying to install AX on the local (just a client) i m getting that “The Connection to the AOS cannot be established”

I had done and verified follwowing…

  1. I had installed AX on the local machine(client) with the Server Name, Instance name and the TCP/port number same as it appears in the Server Config for AX.

  2. I tried creating a new config file with my server’s IP and the rest of the details.

Anything else that i missed out please let me know…

Thanks in Advance

i think here the problem with services.

restart the services of dynamics ax and try again…

i tried that several times…but the same issue…

Hi Joshi,

r u add the client in the server system.

how will i add the client on the server system…can u please guide me on the same??


The error message indicates that AX client is unable to connect to AOS server. This is mainly due to incorrect server settings in the client machine’s AX configuration utility. Make sure the details such as AOS server IP address and TCP/IP port are correct.

From your client PC, are you able to ping the IP address of the server?

I am able to ping the server where AX is installed…and even the (Local) Client and Server Config Files are matching i.e. AOS Name (Server Name where AX is installed), Instance Name and TCP/IP port no.

but still it is not going thru…


Can you confirm whether AOS service is running?

Also are there other AX clients connected to this server?


AOS service is running…

And there are no other AX Clients running on the server.

I guess this is really a strange issue that is happening…


If possible, install an AX client in the AOS server itself and try to connect. If this works, then the AX client in the workstation should also work.

I hope all these machines (including AOS server) are in the same domain and that there is no firewall between the workstation and the AOS server.

Domain was the issue EDP Dept. changed the domain for the server. But the Local Machine IP and domain was not changed…

Will change the domain and then try and connect it.



It is not necessary that AX client machine’s domain needs to be changed. If possible, ask EDP to set up trust between the domains. AX client should work in this scenario.

i also hav the same issue…client’s not getting installed on my computer…why it is so?