ax installation errors

Hi Everyone,

I installed Ax 2009 components AOS, database,client,application files after that pre-checklisted all and that i started services, working ax successfully.But my previous database backup file,i restored in my new database and also my previous .ald and .aod files copied and pasted in my new ax 2009 files.again i started services i opened ax in that upgrade checklist i compiled checklist successfully and upgrade next database synchronization but when i upgrading database synchronization it coming errors and also disabled AOT and Some Tools.

Any one can help me this issue

Please share the errors…

Hi Michel,

it coming table filed errors when i synchronize database synchronize,first tell me the why aot is disabled in ax

Normally AOT will be disable due to Licence issue.

if you dont have the developement licence AOT will be disable.

check yoyr licence again and we cant say that it is the exact reason in all cases but in most of the scenarios development licence is the reason.

Hi Ven,

Can u plz check my first Post

Hi ven,

Actually in my first instalation done successfully aot working,but my previous database restored in sql and also my previous data .ald and .aod files copied in my new ax datafiles.after copied opened ax in that aot and some tools unable to see

Hi Rama,

First try resolving the outstanding synchronisation and compilation errors; and ensure license file is loaded correctly. Now you should see AOT enabled and system fully functional.

you have copied the files. may be because of this reason the files are duplicated and it is throwing errors in the application

hi rama,

first ensure me one thing. the previous database which you restored into new database, is that working properly for another application where you backedup. if it is working it has to work here also.

First upload the licence file again in the initilization check list.

and try to synchronize the database from Administration → Periodic → Sql administration.

hope it works…if not, let us know what happend.

duplicate files are not allowed in application folder, if you copied from other instance it will be ovveride.

Hi Ven,

Already i have given licensefile before restoring database ,working fine,after restoring unable to see aot and some tools

hi rama,

Ultimately the licence file which you have imported before restoring the database will be stored into sql server database only.

after importing the licence you have restored the database the licence information table may be overriden by the restored database.

so you just try by re importing the licence and sysnchronize the database, nothing will happens to your application and database if you do this again. you just try it and let us know…

Hi Ven,

How can i give again license file ?

Administration → setup–> System → Checklist → open initilization checklist.

and click on “provide licence information option” and load the licence file.and start the synchronization of database from sql administration.

Hi Ven,

I know that part actually main reason after the data restoring and coping aod and ald files .my instance expired and unable to see aot and some tools

it is imposible the system disable the AOT and functionality disable after copying AOD and ALD file because they are just customizations and label files, those files will not effect the application functionality.

the main reason for AOT disables is that, you have restored the database from another SQL server instance to your current SQL server instance.

Did you tried the above suggetions?i think no, if you did it it should work…