AX Good In Transit

Hi Guys,

Do you know how in AX 2012 handle case of Good In Transit?

From the perspective of an internal or external transaction? (i.e. transfer order or sales order or purchase order?)

for PO


For Goods in transit you can use Quarantine Order functionality .

When you prepare a packing slip of Purchase order the goods automatically move to Quarantine warehouse and you can move that into main warehouse when you end Quarantine Order.

So you want to know that a long lead time item has been shipped by the supplier but it might be weeks prior to arrival. There is no stock or financial transaction at this point as it is in transit and not yours. So why do you want to know it is GIT? Capture it in the notes or supplier reference…

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This scenario can be in case of imports where lead time is much longer for purchases generated by the buying party .Based on local GAAP buying party may have to show accrued payables and expected cost of arriving inventory in their books.

If for SO?

Do you record the receipt/Proof of Delivery? Do you use a courier that has tracking ability?

yes, but after customer receive the stock. how to take the record in AX?

So anything that is shipped and your POD record is blank is goods-in-transit by your own definition.