AX gets frozen when exporting data to excel from Form.


Some AX users are having issues when they try to export Data (which displaied in Grid on Form) to Excel.

After they click “Export to Excel” button on tool bar of the AX Form,

AX gets frozen and the error message below shows up.

therefore, they are forced to close AX.

Could anybody tell me what is causing this error, and how to fix it?

Thank you very much.

How is the infrastructure setup at the client? Is the server placed at a remote location? This normally happens when there is a break in connection while the request is being processed.

Hi Ekahata,

I am facing the same problem as Ax gets frozen while doing export to excel in TDS form.

Even after putting breakpoint in performPushAndFormatting method of class SysGridExportToExcel,before the cursor hits ,ax gets frozen.

And this export to excel functionality works perfectly in all other forms.

what’s the wrong ?

Did you get any solution ?