Ax for Retail receipt data problem

Problems with the POS Receipt printing in AX for Retail R2:

One big problem at the moment is that customer receipts are not printed from the POS correctly. I am using OPOS drivers. The only thing that the receipt printer prints out is the barcode and under that there is barcode number (=receipt number.) All the item names, ID:s, prices are missing, and all other information such as header, line, and footer information. I have used demo data so there is some kind of customer receipt already designed in form layout form.

After this I have attached this customer receipt into receipt profile and then this receipt profile is added to the hardware profiles in the Printer-tab. (This hardware profile is set for my POS Terminal.) But after these settings, the customer receipt is basically blank when paid with cash. I think the receipt printer should work because if I print X-report out at the POS, it looks quite reasonable.

I actually put check mark behind the customer receipt so that the POS asks from the cashier whether to print receipt or not, and POS really asked this. This would indicate that information is replicated to my store terminal. But like I said, the receipt has just the barcode and number, no other information.

Does anyone have any idea how to get this receipt printed correctly? Actually, can someone tell how the POS can construct the receipt according to the form layout?

Hi Jennien,

Were you able to resolve this?

I am facing the same problem.

If you didnt find the solution till now.

Try to remove the logo from the receipt and then print it will work the problem is with the logo.

It is working in my case i have faced the same problem.