AX for Retail R2 VPC - crashing?

Is anyone else experience this on the new R2 AX for Retail VPC? I am running it on a Windows 7 computer. Often for no reason I will be in the middle of a transaction and I get the “blue screen” and the VPC does a memory dump and closes. I can restart it but of course if I’m in the middle of a demonstration this is embarrasing for the product. Has anyone else seen this or have any ideas on why it crashes? I currently have 8GB RAM on my PC and am only allocating 2GB to the VPC.




Try the new AX 2009 RTM 2 VPC that works fine. Or you can download Refresh 3.5 or Refresh 4.0 VPC from partnersource.



The R2 AX for Retail VPC in partnersource/customersource is filed under AX 2012…is this AX 2012!!! Or is it misfiled?

unfortunately the 3.5 presales VPC doesn’t run the R2 release of AX for Retail - the retail disk still has the old version of code.

Alex, the AX for Retail R2 release runs on AX2009. There will not be an AX for Retail 2012 version for awhile.

Hi there. I am using this VPC and the SQL Server has just expired. Do you know how to upgrade this? I’ve tried using an MSDN version, but it still says expired.