AX for beginners.

Hi all,

I am like newbie on Dynamics AX 2009 as a developer.

Please suggest me some good references and tutorials or Steps in order to learn the architecture and X++ coding.


hi deepankar,

first i am wishing you all the best. and you can find most of the stuff from developers help in ax and you will get step by step description from microsoft msdn. moreover the best books for learners is "microsoft dynamics ax getting started 2009 " and cook book also. these two books you can download from the internet. if you got any doubts you can post on DUG, here all are there for helping…:slight_smile:

Thanks a lot Venkatesh.

If i’ll feel any doubts ,I will definitely make post or contact you.

Can you suggest me any project or form in AX to understand the basic functions and methods to make my concepts stronger??

hi deepankar,

In AX SalesTable form PurchTable from having somany standard basic functionalities like header level and line level enhancements, lookups, calling forms and reports through menu item buttons, modified methods and so many things… you can go through that form you can cover so many things in form level…

al the best…:slight_smile: