AX Financial Statement Consolidation

Hi World,
I would like to run Consolidation Report of AX thru its proforma. I was just wondering why my choices for Company per column is not active. General Ledger>set-up>Financial Statement>Financial Statement>Transaction. I have done the consolidation, the mapping of chart of accounts, its exchange rate and even its elimination rule. Moreover, I don’t have anymore error when I run the consolidation Online. I want to figure out what are the possible reasons why my choices for companies in running the FS report (column) is not available. And it is by default that in the admin> configuration, consolidation is selected.

Thank you!


Jr Barte

Hi Expert,

Could you please help me in this case. I run the consolidation, online function with the exchange rate setup in COA of consolidation company is Average and Exchange Rate for Average already input in Exchange Rate form. But when check the voucher after consolidation process completed is the historical exchange rate of transaction from subsidiary company. What was wrong in my setup or any thing else? Thank you