AX DB, AX Model DB & AX BaseLine DB


Can any one explain me the differentiation of AX DB, AX Model DB & AX BaseLine DB in shortly ?

In addition is there any other database exist which is related to AX ?

Thanks in Advance

Straight from the documentation:

Databases include the Microsoft Dynamics AX database, the model store, and the baseline database. The AOS connects to the Microsoft Dynamics AX database to process transactions. The AOS connects to the model store to display application elements such as forms and reports. The baseline database contains a model store that is used to upgrade X++ code to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. The baseline database is used to analyze application updates before they are applied.

Other Microsoft Dynamics AX components, such as Enterprise Portal and Reporting Services extensions, also include databases. The additional databases are created when you install those components and their prerequisites. They are not installed as part of the Microsoft Dynamics AX databases component.

Please use a search engine by yourself to find information in AX documentation before going to a forum.