AX Date format on reports


AX is currently printing the date in the following form on sales invoices: 09.10.2012 (09 October 2012).

We would like to have the date printed as follows: 09 Oct 2012.

How can that be reaslized?

Hope somebody can help.

Thank you.



You should have a look to your date field’s properties in your report design: mix the differnet properties to have the format you want



Hello Thomas,

Unfortunately, changes in the fields properties do not help. The only thing I am able to do is to change the sequence of day, month and year.

Though, the month is still displayed as a number (10), not in form of letters (Oct).

Hope you can help.


Hi Ludwig,

Just go to the report design n choose the date field…

Under properties u can find “Date Month” , In that choose the following “Short name (first three letters)”.

This will help u …



Hello Madhan,

Thank you for that information.

What you describe works perfectly in Standard reports.

Yet, in the report I have to adjust, another developer used a ‘date2Str’ function where he calculates a date value.

I can change the sequence of the DAY, MONTH and YEAR fields that are printed on the report.

Yet, I have no idea how to convert this string into a date field that shows the short name of the month.

Do you have any suggestions?