AX crashes after retrieving form layout from another user

Hello all,

I have an issue regarding AX crashing after retrieving the layout from another user.

Here is the scenario:

  • I have Form1. User1 modifies the form (moves textboxes, changes label text, etc) and saves a layout from this form (Setup > Layout > Save)

  • After some time, new fields and buttons are added in Form2.

  • User2 uses the layout from User1 (Setup > Layout > Retrieve from User)

  • Form1 works as expected, but when you close the form, AX crashes. It happens consistently.

  • When you reset to the original layout, it doesn’t crash anymore.

Is there anyone who has encountered the same issue? If yes, how did you resolve it?

BTW, I’m using AX 4.0. Thanks a lot!!!

try with compiling the AOT…

Hi Kranthi, tried this just now and unfortunately, it didn’t do the trick. AX client still crashes.

Guys, I have struck this same issue in AX2009. The company concerned is running everything via ASP. This means we can all log into the same client - users belonging to the Company get crashing occurring when retrieving form layouts from another user. However when I log in I do not get this crashing.

This feature is not a quick performer at times. It made me start to wonder if insufficient resources could be the issue - given that AX2009 is crashing which it does not do elsewhere in this installation. I desperately need solution.

Note that the above is the case for various kernel versions including 2116 and 3200.

Clarifying slightly. It now seems clear that my issue is with LOAD and RETRIEVE - that is where my crash takes place. TIA.