AX Batch Number Group Number Reused

Hello gurus!

We have a scenario where there are products that are batch tracked. Our batch number group is based on a number sequence, on physical update, per production activation. Meaning, a batch is assigned as soon as the material is Reported as Finished.

We had a situation where a recent production order for an item, when RAF it was assigned a batch number that was from several months ago for the same item.

Can you point me in some directions to troubleshoot this behavior? I was going to start in the ProdJournalCheckPostProd class but the journal code is quite the rabbit hole :slight_smile:


Hello Silvano, I would ask you if this is an isolated issue, if so, then I would think that someone, accidentally or not, assigned (manually) to that production order an old lot number, either when the production order was created or when the RAF was done.

Because of what you say, the item has a batch group that automatically assign a batch number, but this doesn’t avoid the user to manually assign a batch number.

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Tante grazie Hector!

It was input at the time of creation, as it was still evidenced in the inventory dimensions of the batch order. Even though the RAF journal was left blank, since this was specified it was used in place of auto-assignment from the Batch Number group.

Unfortunately for us, we have some production groups which require manual batch number entry so this is going to be a risk for us going forward.