AX Back up error

Hi friends when taking product back up this error will be occurred

Error: Cannot find table Parent for FieldId SrcFieldId in the table SysSearchRef


how to solve this please guide me.

How are you doing the backup? It obviously isn’t a normal database backup.

And what’s the version of AX?

Hi Martin,

we are using Ax 2012 r2

Thank you, but I still have no idea what you’re backing up and how.

Back up for sql database

I am doing like this from sys admin-----Data export to----giving file name----save

I dont know exactly how to take AX back up in 2012 version. There are 3 databases in ax 2012 how to get back up from those.

Please guide me.

Thanks in Advance,


Exporting data is not the same as backing up a database. When you import data, they’ll likely be different (e.g. RecId or createdBy fields), it may fail (e.g. import tables in a wrong sequence), it’s slow and so on.

If you want real backups and the ability to restore a database in exactly the same state as it was when backing up, you have to use backup features of SQL Server. Understanding SQL Server Backups may be a good place to start.