AX and POS intergration

Hi All

I have a client using the AX and it have the production unit and also they have the retails outlets where they use the POS software. Is there any possibility that we can integrate theis AX with POS.


I am using AX 2009 and listen AX for POS is in the market but may be on 2012. Can u suggest me regarding this


Integration depends on the POS and the POS database. If it is compitable, than integration can be done.

AX for retail is allready in market (in AX 2009) and AX for retail 2012 is to be released.


how can i check the compatibility

Hi Imran,

AX for Retail 2009 and 2012 both are seamlessly integrated solution. If your client is having AX 2009 he can go for AX Retail and AX Retail POS which are integrated. You dont have to do any integration on this.

Secondly, if your client is in India and can wait for some more time then he can go for AX Retail 2012. Reason is, client will be benefited in verious terms, like:

Latest version of AX 2012 with Retail;

No additional pricing for Retail and/or AX 2012;

Retail 2012 has many more features as compared to Retail 2009.

I hope this makes you clear. You can also reach me at / +91 9873008845.

Sandeep G

Hello Sandeep,

Can we have Third party POS integration with Dynamics AX 2012 R2 Retail HQ ?

Integration with Third Party HQ and AX Store/POS (Dynamics AX 2012 R2 Retail ) is possible?.

In general I need to know the approach on this if any of the above is true?

-What would be the desired / preferred / followed approach?
•E.g. is getting the data into AX Store DB the desired approach and using std back end functionality of Third Party?
•E.g. is building AIF services the way to go?
Based on the approach?



Hi Suvarna,

Have u got the basic approach for integrating 3rd party POS with AX 2012 R2 / R3 ?

If Yes, Please share me some knowledge or you can send me docs to this mail id

Thanks in advance,