AX Acct Payable Invoice Journal Excel Import w/ Project


I’m trying to create an excel template to import Accounts Payable Invoices with Project information (i.e. Project accounts, categories, cost & sales price data). I’m using AX2009.

I’ve created a template based on the LedgerJournalTrans table and was able to complete a test import, but my project data is not importing - Category, Quantity, Cost Price, Sales Price.

I tried to add the LedgerJournalTrans_Project table to the excel template, but am not sure how this links in with LedgerJournalTrans. (Looks like by a system reference number) I’ve also never attempted an excel import from a template with multiple tables.

Has anyone created an excel template for importing AP Invoices with project data - I would appreciate information on your format.




We are a develoment company looking to import AP invoices for one of our clients. Can you tell me how you setup your AP Import? Did you ever solve the problem you posted above?



Hi Seth,

No, unfortunately the problem was never solved and I am no longer on that consulting engagement. At that time, I did speak to several experts, even a Microsoft partner and they didn’t think it was possible to import project to AP through the AX excel import. Perhaps a more sophisticated import would work.

Best of luck, sorry I couldn’t help more.