AX 7 connection with external DB

Hi experts do we have any option in AX 7 to connect the external DB and exchange the data?

Sure, you have endless options. Do you have any problem with it? Maybe you should explain your situation…

Hi Martin,

I tried to connect the external DB but unable to connect it show some internal error, can you please tell me some option. or it same like AX 2012 by using the ODBC connection.

Of course it’s not the same as in AX 2012, because AX 7 is a completely different system. It runs in Azure, not on your servers, it uses Azure SQL instead of SQL Server, it uses AAD for authentication and so on. You have to think of how you’ll connect to the external database from Azure.

If you want us to help you with your problem, you’ll have to tell us what are trying to achieve. I wouldn’t worry too much about the particular error, because you really have to design your solution first, instead of just trying to use some pieces of code from a different version.

Hi i am just trying to create ODBC connection in AX 7 but getting some Internal error Do you have any idea??

You told us nothing except the protocol you’re trying to use (ODBC). We can’t know what are you trying to connect, where, with which parameters, which authentication, what’s the error or anything else.
All we can do without proper information from you is guessing, which isn’t the most successful technique of software engineering.
First of all, make sure that your target is reachable from the machine running AX.

i am just trying to send data from AX to staging table through ODBC connection using SQL server authentication,While establishing the connection getting some internal error.