AX 4 - Dimension Groups and Item Dimension - Disabled Check Boxes


Why can I not enable the “Blank Receipt Allowed” and “Blank Issue Allowed” for all item dimensions within the Stock Dimensions form? This applies to item dimensions Colour, Size and Configuration.

In addition why can I not disable the Physical Stock, Financial Stock and Coverage Plan Checkboxes for item dimensions Colour, Size and Configuration.

I would very much appreciate your feedback regarding this question.

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They are considered funcdamental elements to the item, so you would never define a blank colour, it would not be a complete item. Can you describe a situation where you would make a coloured item and the colour would be blank?

By the same virtue because they are ciritical AX insists you track physical stock, meaning you have to define it on transaction lines, it wants to cost at this level and plan at this level - no point in planning without this the system would not know what to by due to the related requirements etc.

Afternoon AdamRoue,

Thanks for this answer. Exactly what I’m looking for. Working my way through Trade and Logistics user documentation and this point is not documented anywhere so thanks.

I wanted an understanding rather than having a requirement.

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