AX 4.0x missing functionality

Hi all!

Have you found any functionality missing in AX 4.0x compared to previous version? I have read tens of documents about “What’s new in AX 4.0” but have not seen any text about “What’s left out” or “What’s missing”. I’ll start the list with these issues:

  1. Sorting & collation based on clients locale in 3.0 is removed. Source: the book “Inside AX 4.0”.

  2. Does not support SQL server clustering, source “AX 4.0 Sp1 release notes”

  3. Benchmarking tool missing, even if promised in the Implemetation Guide (2007/02) to be available at end of 2006

please continue the list only with issues left out after AX 3.0x

br, sx


Gone is also the “What’s This” selection in the context menu. With the context sensitive help it was easy to check the meaning of the fieds on any form.