AX 4.0 reports

I am looking for two reports which I hope you can help me with. Report 1. I am trying to find a report which shows the sales value against the “actual costs” and not “standard costs”. So that where there are chnages in raw material prices this is shown against the sales value. Is there a report that shows this? Report 2. I am trying to find a report which easily indicates sales to the “ship to account”. The below report does this, but it only gives the Ship To number. I have tried to add the field “CITY” to this report but it does not show up on the report. The problem is, although it is a very easy report to understand, if you have a customer with multiple “ship to” (see below report example - Marshalls) you cannot easily see where it is going. If the field “CITY” showed up on the report then it would solve the problem. Or is there another report that we could use ?