AX 4.0 Product CD

Hi There,

I have a product cd for AX 4.0 but need to know how do I install it on local machine. I want to play around in AX 4.0, is there anyway if someone can bail me out with this. I need some steps to know on how to do the installation since its very DIFFERENT from NAV.




Read the AX Implemetation guide found in the CD, by googling you can find the latest version of it in MS site.

The platform should be from MS Windows Server 2003 family. You must have also access to Active Directory. Easiest way is to use a virtual machine running the server. Install at least Application Server and Domain controller (Active Directory) roles.

Install also the SQL Server 2005 with default values and the latest sp in it.

Then run the One Machine Install from the AX 4.0 product CD with default values.

br. and good luck,