AX 4.0 Item Setup - Service items are showing up on picking lists

Hello all!

I am experiencing service items showing up on picking/packing lists in AX4. Any idea if this can be resolved through item setup settings etc.? Or is this a custom modification we’ll need to perform?



Memory says this is how it worked. You would need to remove those type items on the report, pretty sure it cannot be resolved through item setup.

I am curious as well if there is a way to do this via setup. I just know that we can prevent items from going through packing list but to prevent the item itself from appearing in the PO/SO form, for example, I know you have to customize the filter of the field to omit the Service items


Thanks as always for dusting off the cobb-webs on AX4 :slight_smile:

Truly unfortunate oversight on this earlier version of the ERP package, as it surely does not make sense to pick/pack/ship a service item while it should be allowed as a line item on orders. I believe 2012 handles this properly using the update quantity of "ordered + non stocked products "

It would likely have to be a modification to the Formletter picking class? To skip any items of type Service.