AX 4.0 Item Cost


We are using Dynamics Ax 4.0 SP1 and last inventory closure was completed in 30th of April. But one item cost was abnormal even after completing inventory closure. Therefore I used recalculation for that item and then it will become coat as normal.

My query is even after completing particular period or closure stil any possibilities to adjust the cost or any method to get get actual inventory value from report or inquiry ?



Dear Rohan,

you can try using the following:-

inventory management>periodics>closing and adjustment



select the item code that you want to adjust, and you can adjust the transaction cost that previously occur.

Dear Tuck,

Thanks for your early reply.

I know that if any item need to adjust the cost value your suggestion work.

But my query was even after closing particular period ( Eg: after 30th of april 2012 ) then next recalculation put on 21st of may for that same item then how system can adjust cost values of april month values because it already close the inventory. Is there any possibility ?

By the time how we can track those kind of transactions because we already get the stock value report for the month of april it might affect to our ledger accounts values too.



Dear Rohana,

What the system do is to post a voucher to adjust the item cost at that time.

It just only adjust the financial cost while the physical cost is remain.

For your report, which field you are using? physical or financial



Dear Tuck,

We used report as Inv.Mgt ā†’ Reports ā†’ Status-> Inv. Value-> Inv. value by Inv. Dimension Report.

As at 30th apreil 2012 that item cost appeared as 42K in our local currency. But after that recalculation did on 21st of may it change to 57K. that 57K is correct value for that item.

So my issue was after inv. closure period item cost how will change after recalculation?

If it is like that how we extract correct item cost form Inventory or report?


I this case, it is refer to financial cost.

Any adjustment on the item will change your report value.

Dear Tuck,

Still iā€™m in grey area as even inv. closure finish period can change item cost due to recalculation?