[AX 4.0] Free Text Invoice/Credit Note - wrong VAT amount


I’ve following problem:

When I create Credit note for Free Text Invoice, VAT amount on lines isn’t calculated properly. I’ve investigated that the problem is caused by roundings in Tax class.

When i see TaxWorkTrans table, SourceTaxAmount has proper value but TaxAmount hasn’t.

Do you know any cause/solution for this problem?




What is the version of SP in your environment? Also do you have any customizations around this area?

Also if you have access to customer source or Partner source, check KB article 932877. This KB is for AX 4.0 SP1 environments.

Kernel version is 4.0.2503.451

Application version is 4.0.2501.121

Localization version is Eastern Europe (PL)

As far as I know there’re no customizations around taxes.


Why is the mismatch between kernel and application versions? Can you confirm whether your environment is patched correctly?

Whether the application version and the kernel version should be equal?