Ax 4.0 Application & SQL server related query

Hi Everyone,
I have a query regarding to Axapta 4.0 Application server, there are two computers on C1 SQL 2005 server is installed and on C2 Axapta application is installed
Now there is need to transfer Axapta 4.0 application as well as Sql server 2005 on a new single machine .

My query is, which is a best way to do this?
if I installed whole setup ( Server OS, Ax 4.0 application and SQL server) on single machine and import the Database back up, customization backup can Axapta mapping will come as it is on new machine.or need to configure it again.

please clear me if i’m wrong.



Your simple way to do that should work fine unless you don’t change the kernel versions and you use just the same installation version which you had on previous system.

Don’t forget to create new client configurations refering to new AOSes…

If you use Enterprise Portal and move it as well, then just don’t forget to deploy it and update to correct webpages in settings here:

Administration → Setup → Internet → Enterprise Portal → Web sites (I hope this is the same for version 4.0)

Hi Nitin,

I assume all within same domain. If yes, it should work fine. After you move database backup, customization backup etc, remember to do following in the new server -

  • Delete *.aoi file
  • Delete *.ald files

Subsequently when you start AOS service, AOS will automatically rebuild these files.

Of course, keep a backup of all files before deleting any.

Best wishes,

Hi Janis / Harish ,

Thanks for the reply.

There is Ax 4.0 Window base application , and all user are on same domain. Only need to transfer the same setup on a single machine.

I am not sure whether all mapping setup will transfer as it is or not.

Below point are taken into consideration as you suggest.

@ Janis : Don’t forget to create new client configurations referring to new AOSes…


· Delete *.aoi file

· Delete *.ald files