Ax 30 sp4 Slwo performance

We transfered our Ax 30 sp4 and SQL server 2000 sp2 from first domian France
to another domain in Germnay. It was working 100% perfect but now Ax
performance is very slow it taked lang time to open/close form and also
to get data from DB. All clients are working form France. AOS/Application and
SQL servers are on one vertual Server (VM).

Some more information
*On the system monitoring
Object Server activity
Operation Calls Bytes Estimate AOS
time (ms)
Trafic to Server: 7251 1226161 878.37
Trafic from Server 36 3161254 398.76
Sum 7287 4387415 1277.13

Database activity Calls Records Bytes
Select 3545 15696 20942285
Insert 126 126 52242
Update 55 56 28499
Delete 27 125

Time Use for waiting on external system
System Time (ms)
SQL Database 11052
Object Server activity 102887

Network communication Test report is
Waiting time (ms)
Maximum 11
Minimum 9
Average 10

Need your help to solve this issu.