AX 3.0 AOS Hardware Utilization

We’re running MS Axapta 3.0 (I know, right?) and I’m upgrading the SQL database server in an attempt to get better performance. I’m just wondering if the AOS has limitations as far as how many CPUs/Cores it can utilize in version 3.0? I’d hate to dump money into a new SQL server if the overall performance is going to be limited to a single core in the AOS server running the code.

I’m just the hardware guy, I know very little about the Axapta installation, but I’l be happy to give any more info that may be needed for the discussion.

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According to System and implementation requirements for Axapta Object Server (AOS) in Microsoft Axapta 3.0, AOS can use only two processors and two GB of RAM. But you can cluster several AOSes together.