AX 3.0 and WMSII

I’ve been testing WMS2 in AX 3.0 - Created an item with dimensions: Colour, Location and Palled ID. When raising a P/order, the inventory is allocated to the correct warehouse Zone, Aisle, Location, etc… However, I seem to be stuck on output orders?

The item created (Pen) has colour dimensions with stock sitting in the various warehouse locations. When raising a sales order for colour 1, an output order and shipment is created. The shipment allows activation of the pallet transport and picking.

When selecting another colour, an output order and shipment is created (as per above). However, The shipment does not allow the activaton of the pallet transport nor the picking process. The demand is linked directly to the picking location, and where insufficient stock is available, no refill order is being created to the picking location to cover the demand? Selecting another colour and raising a sales order, the process runs smoothly? Nothing is changed on the parameter sets or other settings to warrant the above? Please advise whether anyone can assist as well as outline the actual process/transaction steps for outbound orders in AX 3.0, using WMS2.