AX 2012 Workflow error


I just created simple workflow in ax 2012. When i create and save a new record the workflow got enabled.

The problem is i can see only Submit button. CANCEL button is not visible.

All menuitems are pointed correctely in the Workflow type. But i am not able to see the cancel buttion.

Please help me to solve the issue.

Thanks in advance

Hi Mohamed,

Please check the following:

  1. CancelWebMenuItem is set at workflow type level.
  2. Cancel event has been defined in the workflow event handler.
  3. Cancel is enabled in the workflow configuration.
  4. User who is going to cancel has the cancell menuitem delete rights.

If all case are OK then create a document of screenshots of all workflow elements and code. I will look into it.


Hi Abhishek,

Thank you.

The issue got fixed. I missed one step in the creation.

Now its working fine.


If anyone needs the step by step creation please inform me i will post.


That would be useful to future users Mohamed.

can u please mail me the workflow creation document steps on my mail id

Thanking in advance


Hi everyone,

I’m quite a newbie with AX, can you help me with my PO workflow problem? I can’t seem to find the submit button. We have an existing PO WF and it has a submit button, and I want to put a submit button on our new PO WF but I have no idea how. Hope you can help me out.

Thanks a lot!


Hi Mohamed,

Can you send me?

Thanks a lot!


Hi Mohamed,

Please post the workflow step by step docs . it will help me and other also.



Hi Mohamed,

Please can you send me the step by step procedure to create workflow. Because i want to create SalesOrder Approval workflow in ax 2012.



Hi Mohamed,

Please can you send me too the step by step procedure to create Sales Order Approval workflow in ax 2012.

this is my email



Hi Mohamed,

please send me also and mail id

Hi Mohamed,

can you please send step by step creation document to my Mail-Id:

Thanks & Regards