AX 2012: Web Application calling Custom Service in same AX host


I have a strange problem when calling Custom Service Web Service from Web Application where both ones are running in same AX host.

I have deployed Web Application into same AX host where Custom Services (Web Services) are also running. When Web Application is calling those Custom Web Services comes an error that tells that Custom Services are denying calls.

But when I call Custom Services from a Web Application running in my own Workstation calls are succeeded.

So when Web Application and Custom Services are running in same AX host calls fails. Error messages tells that call into Custom Services are denied and there are also mention that Endpoint can’t be called.

What could be wrong in such case? In same host services are not working but from Workstation they run without any problem.

Have anyone any ideas why calls fails in same AX host? I have checked that firewall hasn’t blocked e.g. port of Custom Services.

What could be a reason that those two parts doesn’t work in same AX-host… any guess where to start looking for reason?

Best regards,