AX 2012 Transfer Order Post Receipt Action


I would like to add a custom action to fire off upon the successful update of a transfer order line to received. I see it uses several classes, including InventTransferUpdReceive ( which inherits InventTransferUpd ).

Where would you suggest is the best place to inject a process, which we would only want to perform when an update completes successfully?


Place your code in \Classes\InventTransferUpdReceive\updateInventTransferTable, after updating the inventtransferTable


Thank you, did you mean the updateInventTransferLine method?

I believe this is called before the TransferOrderTable is updated as the line status must first be updated and if all items are received, then the order header status is set to received.

I believe the updateInventTransferLine will be a good candidate.

Hi Silvano,

Even I am struggling to post[Receive] my already shipped Transfer Order via AIF. Can you please let me know what code have you added in order to achieve this? Moreover, I am assuming you must have used the out of box posting service provided by AX i.e ā€œInventTransferOrderPostingServiceā€. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Can you please share the details on how you achieved the above posting via AIF.

Would appreciate for your help.



Hi Silvano,

Are you through with this Transfer Order Posting[Receive] issue?