AX 2012 SSRS Report visibility issue

In my report, I can see the data is being inserted into my temporary table. The problem is the data does not show on the report. I have removed all hidden and visibility expressions on the report table as well.

Any idea on what the issue is?

Thank you

Can you explain in clearly your query and problem you are facing…!

In the ProjInvoiceReport, I need to write a while select statement to insert multiple values for one field. I created a new temporary table and the table used for reporting is Regular instead of TempDB or InMemory. Even if I try, VS2010 will only allow me to have the table property set to Regular.

Since it is a regular table, I can see the values ARE being inserted into the table when the report runs. The problem is although the data is being inserted, the field isn’t appearing on the report. The table control with the field has been set to the right data set too.

Can you see the data in preview mode in Visual Studio?