AX 2012 SSRS problem printing legal papersize report


I have difficulties printing a legal papersize report.

In visual studio SSRS I have set the papersize to legal (width 14,5in height 8in) and the orientation on landscape. When I print the report from the preview in SSRS the report automaticaly chose the correct tray and print on a legal size paper. But when I run my report from AX it is printed on a letter size paper and it is shrinked to fit on this paper format.

To print it on a legal size paper I have to manualy go into the printer properties and change the paper format from letter to legal when prompt for the destination.

Is there a way to do has in visual studio and print directly on a legal paper size ?

Or at least anybody knows of an existing ax 2012 SSRS report that that uses a landscape(14 X 8.5) legal paper size, that i could try.