AX 2012 SSRS ERROR :Only integrated security is supported for AX queries

Hi folks,

I am getting a strange issue while running reports in AX 2012 SSRS .

I have checked all the settings of reporting configuration manager and its being authenticated by my name .

After running report I am prompted for credentials which i input but after that too i get the following errors.

"Only integrated security is supported for AX queries."

Any help is highly appreciated.


Hey I had also the same issue.

Try this


  1. Delete all existing reports in the DynamicsAX folder

  2. Re-deploy all reports.

Thanks for your reply and help…

But i have tried it twice in three days but still finally i am stucked with the same error.

Hello Shankar, I am facing the same issue. Is there any resolution for this?

Changing the security setting for each report will be an option that there are over 800 reports!.

Many Thanks

You can change the security of datasource or delete all the reports from report server and then redeploy them. You can find complete solution at