AX 2012: SSRS: Delete USR layer customizations

I have made changes to an SSRS report in AX 2012 (by editing the AOT > Visual Studio Project) and deployed it. It is working as designed, but now I need to revert back to the SYS layer version. How do I do that?

The AOT > Visual Studio Project for the report does not show USR.

The AOT > SSRS Reports report itself does show USR.
But I am afraid to simply select Delete on that report because I believe that would delete the report, not just delete the USR layer version.

For other customizations what I would do is run a Compare between the USR and SYS layers, and then modify the USR layer object until there were no differences: then AX would offer to delete the redundant USR layer version. But that would be too difficult to do for this report, which I have deleted many things, changed formatting on many textboxes and columns, etc.

Just delete it. You don’t have permissions to delete objects from lower layers. If you’re in USR, you can only delete changes in USR and USP layer.

Thanks a lot MR . Martin Dráb .