AX 2012 service Error: "invalid data container type"

Hi folks,

I have created a new service named axprod (extends aifdocument) which runs on the classes axprodservice and axprodservice_prod .In this class i have declared a macro which calls prod tablesuper(#prod_table)


Also ,I have integrated the AX with Scribe(third party tool)which takes the input from the xml file created from the above service.

So when i create a new production order i am getting the following error:

"invalid data container type"

Any help is highly appreciated.



This Error is solved by using the below steps

1.Take Backup from Database Server.

Lets say Backup Files are DAX2012.bak,DAX2012Baseline.bak

2.Create New database from Dynamics AX 2012 Setup

Lets say New Database Names are DAX2012NEW,DAX2012NEWBaseLine

3.Restore the New Database(DAX2012) with our backup file(DAX2012.bak not DAX2012Baseline.bak)

4.Then Go To Administrative Tools → Server Configuration Manager → go to Data Base Connection

Server Name:ur Database Server Name



5.Click on Apply it will stop AOS Services and restart Services or else u can restart services manually

6.After all this close all things then Administrative Tools → Server Configuration Manager-> Configuration

->Manage->save configuration file with new name DAX2012NEW ,use this file.

7.We can get whole customizations with out any changes with out the error “Invalid Data Container”,now u can do all scenarios with AIF.

8.Although this might be a temporary solution it will suits in Development Environment,Because in Live it is different Scenario


Satish Kumar Kollati

Technical Consulatant