AX 2012 Sales Order Packing Slip could not be posted


I’m trying to post sales order but after sales order confirmation the packing slip button is not enabled. Even the packing slip button is not enabled after picking slip registration. I don’t know want went wrong. Any setup to be enabled or steps to be followed. Please suggest.



see the fields salesStatus ,state in SalesTable…

in your case may be its not updated properly…


Thanks for the reply. The state in sale order is Open Order only.

My problem is after completing picking list registration I could not post the packing packing slip. The packing slip button is in disabled status. How to enable the packing slip button and why the button disabled.



sorry .see the Status,State in SalesTable are in Approved, Completed or not…

please check first if is there any code in salesformletter classes?

I don’t think it is a standard behaviour. Post a screenshot here for better understanding.

Hi, Please check if the customer is ‘Invoicing and Delivery on hold’.

Customer > Invoicing and delivery on hold > Change the field value to ‘None’.