AX 2012 Sales Order Header Employee ID

Hi, one of our sites runs AX 2012 and we are currently trying to create reporting cubes. We have hit a problem intrying to identify where the Sales Order Header ‘Employee’ field is actually held. This is listed on the SO Header panel under ‘Financial Dimensions’ but we cannot figure out which database table it is held on. We are now assuming that there is a ‘reference data’ field which holds a ref. no. which links to another ‘unknown’ table. Does anyone know which table holds the Sales Order Header Employee field and what is the field called in the table. Any information gratefully received.

Default dimensions are held in DimensionAttributeValueSet, DimensionAttributeValueSetItem and related tables. The DefaultDimensionView is very helpful when dealing with default dimensions. Nevertheless OLAP might have a specific solution that I’m not aware of (I’m not very familiar with OLAP).

Hi Martin, Many thanks for your reply - I have been going mad trying to track this down.

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